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Our latest release, a slab of classic and modern thrash influences served blazing hot!

Starting with the calm before the storm in New World Order, the album explodes with Fight For Survival, the story of a man tearing his way through the harshest odds, deep in the heart of war.

Leaping into the pure thrash rager Infection, we find ourselves in the body of a man suffering as a plague mutates his wretched flesh into a vicious zombie!

By My Command discusses the tales of despair where men are sent to die, limbs flayed from their bodies, as their soulless masters bid them to kill on command.

Explosions? We got 'em! Tsar Bomba is the name for the largest nuclear weapon on the planet, the king of all bombs. Imagine the destruction in it's use, imagine the monster that exists who can sanction that maniacal level of death!

With all this going on, it's no small wonder that you need a rallying cry to be summoned onwards to Join The Fight - are YOU ready to sacrifice your life to the dogs of war?

Once the fighting kicks off, and we've brought our war and weapons to foreign lands, who tells the stories of those left to defend their Shattered Land?

A horde of demons await you in Entombed, which may or may not be Deb's love letter to Doom.

We round off with Shrapnel, the final thoughts of a man left to die on the battlefield, riddled with bullets and hiding, praying to avoid death.

Riffs. Breakdowns. Harsher vocals.

You want it? We got it.

Available on all good streaming services (and some shit ones)


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